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I recced Star Wars fics (and one vid) at [ profile] crack_van during the month of February. Unfortunately, even though I spent all day February 29th writing the last two recs I had planned, and actually did finish them before midnight, my posting access had already been taken away. :( Of course it was my own fault for procrastinating, but that doesn't make it any less annoying (it might even be more annoying). Oh well, I suppose I should look on the bright side: this means that the next time I sign up, I'll already have two recs written and ready to go.

Anyway, here are the links to my recs:

( Food Scandal by Malicean )

( Absolution by Leia Naberrie )

( VID REC: In the End by TinkleFilms )

( Dangerous History by MaraLSky )


Bonus Harry/Pansy fic that I recced during free flying month at [ profile] crack_broom way back when:

( Where We Once Belonged by tahwekilelohcin )
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During the month of July I recced genfic at [ profile] crack_broom. Linking to my recs here for reference purposes (and because I haven't posted anything in my journal for months).

( Mud, Blood & the Sound of Guns by chase glasslace )

( The Reason Most Squibs Have Cats by Phoebonica )

( When you read this, I'll be gone by trux )

( Black Family Fire by Loki Mischeif-Maker )
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I have decided to post a list of Naruto fanfiction recs, mostly for my own benefit. I haven't read as much Naruto fanfiction as I would like (and certainly haven't reviewed as many of these as I would like), but these are my personal favorite fics. In other words, this list is subjective.

The title and author of the fic will be followed by the characters or pairing involved and the rating. The stories are loosely organized into groups by character, but otherwise they are in no particular order. I list the rating as the author has listed it, so the rating system used will vary. Ratings of R/M or higher will be in red. If a story is incomplete, it will be marked as a WIP.

rec list under cut )
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During the month of November I recced Draco/Hermione fics at [ profile] crack_broom, a multi-ship Harry Potter rec community based on the multi-fandom rec community [ profile] crack_van (both these comms are awesome places for finding good stories to read, by the way). I thought I would link to my recs here to prove that I do occasionally - well, very occasionally - post stuff on livejournal. *g*

I don't really love Draco/Hermione the way I used to, but I read tons and tons of amazing fics during my period of obsession, and it's nice to be able to tell people how amazing they are. Or at least a few of them.

( By the Way by provocative envy )

( Pure Blood by Marionette )

( Frost Blue by Incarnadine )

( The Chronicles of Draco Malfoy by zarah joyce )

Yay, I actually contributed something to fandom for once, instead of just lurking all the time the way I usually do.


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