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I have decided to post a list of Naruto fanfiction recs, mostly for my own benefit. I haven't read as much Naruto fanfiction as I would like (and certainly haven't reviewed as many of these as I would like), but these are my personal favorite fics. In other words, this list is subjective.

The title and author of the fic will be followed by the characters or pairing involved and the rating. The stories are loosely organized into groups by character, but otherwise they are in no particular order. I list the rating as the author has listed it, so the rating system used will vary. Ratings of R/M or higher will be in red. If a story is incomplete, it will be marked as a WIP.

Umbrella by [ profile] empath_eia (Neji/Hinata, K+)
Rosemary For Remembrance by [ profile] sintari (Neji/Hinata, NC-17)
Prison Keys by [ profile] edenfalling (Hanabi, T)
Prison Keys (And Of Course There Is No Key Remix) by [ profile] riko (Hinata, Hanabi, Neji/Hinata, PG-13)
All That Is, All That Was by [ profile] sharkygal (Neji/Hinata, PG-13)
This Is Not a Love Story by Sunfreak (Neji/Hinata, T)
The Bird by [ profile] askerian (Neji, K+)
Farsighted by Luc Court (Neji, others, K+)
Shades of Gray by [ profile] kaiyrah (Neji/Hinata, T, WIP)

In Aftermath Of Battle by [ profile] joyinthedance (Sasuke, Itachi, PG)
Sunlight On a Broken Column by [ profile] dayadhvam_triad (Itachi, others, PG)
Unspoken by [ profile] helike (Itachi, Shisui, PG-13)
Who Favors Fire by [ profile] kalliel (Itachi, G)
Satis by [ profile] kalliel (Madara, others, PG-13)
Blind Experience by [ profile] book_people (Uchiha clan, R)
Anniversaries by [ profile] fis_fics (Sasuke, K)

Softly Say Goodnight by Chevira Lowe (all Sannin, M, WIP)
Second Time Around by Sunfreak (Tsunade, Tsunade/Jiraiya, T)
Stepping Back by randomsomeone (Orochimaru/Tsunade, T)
Fiddling In the Shaping-Time by [ profile] metamorphe (Orochimaru/Anko, R)
Snakes, Toads and Slugs Don't Do Well in Rain by [ profile] gigabomb (all Sannin, K+)
Love and Death Over Salami by [ profile] gigabomb (Tsunade, Orochimaru, T)

Lessons Learned by Alory Shannon (Sakura, Sasori, K)
About Ten by [ profile] kantayra (all Akatsuki, R)
Syzygy by [ profile] finnimbrun (Sasori, Deidara, PG)
i just want to make a clean escape by [ profile] kaiwynn (Deidara/Sakura, PG)
The Taming of Beasts by [ profile] senri (Madara, Kakuzu, K)
untitled drabble by [ profile] spacetart (Itachi, Kisame, R)
End In Sight by LutraShinobi (Itachi, Kisame, T)
Silence by [ profile] eli_artemisia (Suigetsu/Karin, NC-17)
Up on the Hill by [ profile] autoschismatic (Yahiko, Nagato, Konan, T)
Tactile Feedback by [ profile] goldengrimoire (Sasori/Sakura, M)

Mixed With the Lightning of Slaughter by [ profile] dayadhvam_triad (Sasuke, others, T, WIP)
Just Persuasion by SilverShine (Sasuke/Sakura, M)
kill something beautiful by the blanket (Sasuke/Sakura, K+)
So That's the Life by gelfling (Orochimaru, Sasuke, K)
Talk About It by [ profile] autoschismatic (Sakura, Team 7, T)
Muma by [ profile] amaiko (Kabuto/Hinata, T, WIP)
Care and Feeding by [ profile] amaiko (Hinata, Kabuto, Mumaverse, K+)
Lessons by [ profile] edenfalling (Iruka, T)
Not a SasuHina by [ profile] askerian (Sasuke, Hiashi, T)
Technicolor by [ profile] askerian (Sasuke, T)
Ninja Pirates from the Planet Jupiter by [ profile] kantayra (Naruto, Rookie 9, Iruka, PG-13)
Time by [ profile] euphoriant (Sakura, PG)
A Very Neji Christmas (doujinshi) by [ profile] sapphireluna (Team Gai, PG-13)
Shifts by [ profile] nikoru (Sakura, PG)
Neighbors by [ profile] rhoddlet (Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, G)

Other Rec Lists:
[ profile] octopedingenue: Some "Naruto" fanfic links
[ profile] cynchick: Naruto Fanfiction Recommendation List
[ profile] cephiedvariable: Fan Fic Recs
[ profile] heronite: A NejiHina fanfiction recommendation listing
[ profile] kalliel: Naruto Fic Recs
[ profile] 1uz, a journal of Naruto fanfiction recs

These are just the ones I've happened to come across - feel free to let me know of others I've missed.

The list will be updated as I find new fics to rec.
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