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I recced Star Wars fics (and one vid) at [ profile] crack_van during the month of February. Unfortunately, even though I spent all day February 29th writing the last two recs I had planned, and actually did finish them before midnight, my posting access had already been taken away. :( Of course it was my own fault for procrastinating, but that doesn't make it any less annoying (it might even be more annoying). Oh well, I suppose I should look on the bright side: this means that the next time I sign up, I'll already have two recs written and ready to go.

Anyway, here are the links to my recs:

( Food Scandal by Malicean )

( Absolution by Leia Naberrie )

( VID REC: In the End by TinkleFilms )

( Dangerous History by MaraLSky )


Bonus Harry/Pansy fic that I recced during free flying month at [ profile] crack_broom way back when:

( Where We Once Belonged by tahwekilelohcin )
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During the month of July I recced genfic at [ profile] crack_broom. Linking to my recs here for reference purposes (and because I haven't posted anything in my journal for months).

( Mud, Blood & the Sound of Guns by chase glasslace )

( The Reason Most Squibs Have Cats by Phoebonica )

( When you read this, I'll be gone by trux )

( Black Family Fire by Loki Mischeif-Maker )
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During the month of November I recced Draco/Hermione fics at [ profile] crack_broom, a multi-ship Harry Potter rec community based on the multi-fandom rec community [ profile] crack_van (both these comms are awesome places for finding good stories to read, by the way). I thought I would link to my recs here to prove that I do occasionally - well, very occasionally - post stuff on livejournal. *g*

I don't really love Draco/Hermione the way I used to, but I read tons and tons of amazing fics during my period of obsession, and it's nice to be able to tell people how amazing they are. Or at least a few of them.

( By the Way by provocative envy )

( Pure Blood by Marionette )

( Frost Blue by Incarnadine )

( The Chronicles of Draco Malfoy by zarah joyce )

Yay, I actually contributed something to fandom for once, instead of just lurking all the time the way I usually do.


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