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After reading this thread at the TFN message board, I've been thinking about what might happen later in the Clone Wars series, and what I'd like to see happen.

First of all, I would love for them to extend the series right up through Order 66, to see what missions the various Jedi and troops are on beforehand, and to see Order 66 itself in more detail. How the clones feel about turning on their Jedi generals, how the Jedi react to the betrayal in the moments before they die. We're probably going to know a number of Jedi and clones really well by that point, and Order 66 is the climax to which all the Jedi/clone relationships in the show have been building -- I for one will find it very unsatisfying if we don't see any more than what is in the movies. Fortunately, I think there's a pretty good chance that they will indeed flesh out Order 66. Seeing Palpatine's kidnapping and the events leading up to the opening of RotS might also be cool. I guess as far as I'm concerned, the more the better... I wouldn't want them to go much beyond Order 66, though.

The biggest mystery of the show is, of course, Ahsoka's fate: there has to be some reason she's not around in RotS. One suggestion that seemed to be popular on the TFN thread is that she discovers the secret that Palpatine is Sidious and he's controlling both sides of the war, and Dooku/Ventress/somebody kills her before she can tell anyone. I don't really like this idea, since I feel they've made Ahsoka a bit too speshul already. Other people would like to see Dooku kill her (regardless of the circumstances), thus adding to Anakin's motivation for killing Dooku and later turning to the Dark Side. I wouldn't have a problem with that, though they'd have to make it interesting somehow, but I suppose if she dies I'd rather it happen during Order 66. Especially if Anakin or Rex kills her personally, though they would still have to account for why she's not there during the first half of RotS. However, that might be a bit too dark for this series, particularly when Ahsoka's there for the younger audience to relate to. I suppose I can settle for a tragic death during the war - I have a reasonable amount of faith that Filoni et al. can make it good. Just as long as she doesn't follow in the footsteps of Komari Vosa and Xanatos, and turn to the Dark Side to give her master something else to angst over, then I'm good. ;)

Up till now I've been thinking it would be lame for her to survive, but while reading the aforementioned thread I had an idea for a really excellent storyline in which she lives. So, my new ideal version of what happens to Ahsoka: over the course of several seasons, she becomes disillusioned with the war and eventually leaves the Jedi Order, either outright, or by letting everyone think she died when actually she starts a new life as a civilian. This would solve so many problems. It would mean addressing a number of important issues, such as the Republic's creation and use of the clones, the fact that the Separatists have legitimate grievances against the corrupt and ineffective Republic, the discrepancy between the teachings and practice of the Jedi "peacekeepers," and the fact that she herself was thrown into this war at the age of fourteen, which would add a huge amount of depth to the series. The fact that Ahsoka notices these issues and is affected to the point of leaving the Jedi would add a huge amount of depth to her character. It would justify her existence and prominent role in the series (and her absence from the movies), that she is the one Jedi who walks away from the war. It would probably even make me like her. Her abandonment of the Jedi Order or her supposed death in battle could still contribute to Anakin's fall by causing him to think he failed as a master. And the younger viewers wouldn't have to see her die. Seriously, this is what I would do if I were writing the show.

I was going to write a bit about Ventress next, but since there a number of things I want to discuss there, I think I'll save them for another post. So, as a final note, I'm surprised by the number of people who think Rex will turn rebel rather than obey Order 66. His situation is different from that of most clones in that he won't be required to kill the Jedi he works most closely with, i.e. Anakin. While he may or may not be more loyal to his Jedi general than the other clones, the Order will not challenge his personal loyalty. Unless of course Ahsoka's still around, which would be interesting in a way: whom would he choose, Anakin or Ahsoka? But I don't foresee an epic battle between Rex and Cody or anything like that. Seeing them talk afterward about what happened would be nice, though. ;)


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