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So recently I learned how to post images in my profile, and how to use a custom moodtheme.  I'm so proud of myself. :D

The moodtheme actually involved a fair amount of work - I'm using [ profile] yura 's brilliant Akatsuki moodtheme, but I switched the moods around quite a bit in order to make them just so, and it took ages (I can only imagine how long it took [ profile] yura  to make the original!).  It also involved my having to get a photobucket account because lj's scrapbook thingy assigns new filenames to whatever you upload.

I'd kind of like to get a new, non-lj-supplied layout as well, but that looks way too hard for me.  And I don't hate the one I have, even though lots of people have the exact same thing.  In fact, the white, black, and grey layout matches the black and white moodtheme.  Also, pretty much any icon looks good against shades of black and white.  Okay, I've talked myself into keeping it. :)

... In case it isn't obvious, this entry has no point beyond showing off my new moodtheme and making my journal less empty.  I keep being worried people will think I'm a sock-puppet or something since I never use my own journal.

Date: 2008-10-08 09:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ha. You really don't talk at all. Three posts since March 2008 is quite an achievement in stoicism.

Sorry, but I have a habit of exploring almost everyone I interact with on lj. I'm terribly nosy. But in a nice way. People make me smile.

Post something. Your mysteriousness makes me very curious. I'm reasonably certain you aren't a sock puppet, since I've never met a puppet with opinions about Walt Whitman.


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